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Breast Cancer & Glyconutrients

How Glyconutrients Helped In The Fight Against Breast Cancer

Glyconutrients have helped in the treatment of various cancers, including prostate cancer (see video) colon cancer and breast cancer (below).

Marc Baar contacted Amorganic ( a South African producer of glyconutrients) last year to enquire about glyconutrients for his wife Yvonne, who was diagnosed with breast cancer, as he had heard that glyconutrients have proved

effective in the treatment of breast cancer.

Yvonne was feeling fine, but found a lump in her breast and knew that she has a low resistance due to hereditary factors. She had it checked out via a SCIO machine that is a biofeedback concept that diagnoses based on electronic impulses. (See epigenetics for more info on this system.)

Yvonne proceeded to turn her whole life around completely. She attacked her breast cancer problem from many fronts, focusing on cleansing.

Nutritionally, she focused on an alkaline diet – 90% raw foods, lots of sprouts and lots of fresh home made fruit and vegetable juices, no dairy, no salt – a completely vegan diet.

The only supplements that she used were Amorganic GlycoGold South African glyconutrients, vitamin E, as well as Cell Food (a South African product which oxygenate every cell in the body and so help to build and repair cells).

In addition, Yvonne fasted regularly and had colon hydrotherapy, which included the intake of the necessary probiotics thereafter.

On a spiritual level, she used meditation, visualization, prayer and yoga. She focused on clearing emotional stuff, and giving and receiving forgiveness.

She also used alternative therapies i.e. Body Talk, Reiki and Reflexology – but constantly reminds us that her healing is attributed to a complete life change, holistically on every level.

Although a few lumps still remain, Yvonne feels that she is now 100% cured and that her persistent and consistent use of glyconutrients was a significant aspect in the treatment of her breast cancer.

Glyconutrients are proving their worth in the treatment of many sicknesses and diseases, including leukemia, some cancers, sports injuries, auto-immune diseases, arthritis, candida, chronic fatigue syndrome, Chron's, depression, diabetes in some cases, herpes, Parkinson’s disease, healing of wounds and broken bones and others.

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