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Glyconutrients can be very supportive for cancer. They have assisted in the successful treatment of various cancers, including colon cancer, breast cancerand prostate cancer (also view this video about prostrate cancer). Glyconutrients are not interactive with

drugs or supplements. Cancer is a serious condition and it is important that along with medical treatment, nutritional support is considered. Along with the studies of glyconutrients evidence has shown that supplementation can lessen the side effects of chemotherapy.

There is an association between dietary fat intake and colon cancer. Too much polyunsaturated oils, the bad oils, can generate excessive amounts of free radicals. The cause of cancer can sometimes be found in the diet and lifestyle.

Who is at risk?

  • People who live on a high fat, low fiber diet
  • High free radical and carcinogenic effect
  • Elderly people with weakened digestive system
  • Heredity
  • Prolonged and continued constipation or diarrhea
  • There is a strong link with Candida/fungus overgrowth and colon cancer 


  • Changes in bowel habits
  • Abdominal pain and twitching
  • An acidic stomach
  • Blood in the stool

Medical treatment

Radiation, chemotherapy and surgery are successful in the early stages of cancer but the cause may return if the cause itself is not removed. Medical treatment can reduce tumor mass. But medical treatment can also suppress the immune system and put enormous stress on the whole body.

How can glyconutrients support cancer?

They provide power to white blood cells; stimulate macrophage and T-cells for destruction of virus, cancer and bacteria.
A lack of glyconutrients has been connected to the spread of cancer.
Glyconutrients can provide support for medical treatment.
Glyconutrients offer wellbeing and possible life extension.

Mind and body connection
People who are at risk would be those who carry a lot of grief, feel deep hurt and have longstanding resentment.

Many seriously ill cancer patients have recovered fully. Dr A Sattiloro, a medical doctor, was given six months to live. He recovered completely after a change in diet and lifestyle, which included eating glyconutrient-rich foods. (Read 'Recalled by Life').

Studies have been done amongst primitive people in South America and people in the isolated parts of Mexico. No cancer was found. Only a few miles away the same studies were done amongst a more ‘civilized’ village where white sugar and flour were consumed. Tooth decay, heart disease and cancer amongst others were rampant.

Ideally, glyconutritional-rich foods or supplements should be taken pre-emptively, strengthening the immune system to help prevent triggering onsets.

Please share..

Please share your own personal experiences with glyconutrients below. Many people could probably learn and benefit from your first-hand experiences.

Read about conditions treated with glyconutrients here..

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