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Glyconutrients Research & Resources

Little formal, independent, scientific research exists in the relatively new field of glyconutrients and glyconutrition (see below). This can largely be attributed to the huge expense associated

with conducting clinical research of this nature. It would be good to see researchers do double blind, placebo controlled studies to determine scientifically whether glyconutrients work or not.

Also, clinical trials on nutritional products like glyconutrients are almost impossible to conduct according to the drug model for these studies. It isn't really possible to isolate the direct benefit of nutritional therapy as a cure for a specific disease. This does not necessarily mean that there are no benefits, but just that the benefits of glyconutrients cannot be validated in the same manner as we validate drug treatment.

Further, the issue of glyconutrient supplementation is very complicated. There are hundreds of glyconutrient combinations with varying dosages and we have no idea how these will react with each individuals immune system. Some people could benefit by taking glyconutrient supplements while others may experience no benefit or even have a side effect. Or, to complicate matters further, there could be a short term benefit but, prolonged use of glyconutrients could lead to overstimulation of the immune system and potentially reverse any initial benefit.

In the absence of clinical trials on humans, we have to rely on anecdotes and glyconutrients case studies, with too many of these emanating from Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) distributors, which is not helpful as they often struggle to remain objective and truthful. They also forget to mention patients for whom glyconutrients DID NOT work.

What independent, academic glyconutrient research we have come across however is very encouraging.

(Submit your research and case studies here)

  • Dissertation on Glyconutrients and cognition, perception, and memory by Stancil, Atiya Njeri, PhD, HOWARD UNIVERSITY, 2005. showed improvements with alertness, focused arousal, executive function, and emotion related to glyconutrient consumption.

Much of the glyconutrient references contained in come from the following sources:

Read about effectiveness of glyconutrients in the treatment of various medical conditions here:

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