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How Glyconutrients Improved My Poor Blood Circulation

As a longtime cigarette smoker (I'm over 50) I have been suffering from increasingly poor

blood circulation in my toes. This is most noticeable on cold evenings or when I go surfing in our cold cape waters.

I was given some glyconutrients, which I'd never heard of before, for a dear friend with a brain tumour, but who died before I had a chance to get them to him. (He had been suffering for 18 months already).

Rather than let them go to waste, I and my children started taking these glyconutrients, as I was told they are good as a preventative healing, immune system boosting measure anyway. Quite to my surprise, after what must have been about one week, I noticed that my toes stopped getting cold, in fact I noticed a tingling sensation in them, which is what drew my attention to this fact.

It was hard to determine whether the taking of glyconutrients was directly responsible for improving my blood circulation, or if this was mere coincidence. So I decided to stop taking them, as my bottle had run out anyway, to see what happened. Slowly the coldness started creeping back in to my toes and I didn't last nearly as long in the water anymore before my toes started going numb, which puts paid to your surfing session.

Of course the best answer is for me to give up smoking (I'm working on that!) but for now I've started taking the glyconutreints again for blood circulation and for the other supposed benefits of glyconutrients. We are very conscious of our diet and aware of what farming methods are doing to the nutritional value of the food we eat.

Glyconutrients are supposed to act to replace the essential sugars that are no longer in our vegetables and fruit due to the poor quality of soil, use of chemical fertilizers and harvesting when the fruits are still green, which is apparently a major factor accounting for the reduction of the essential sugars in these foodstuffs.

I am really thankful that I've found this stuff called glyconutrients, but maybe not under the circumstances that I did. (Thanks, David and rest in peace, Tony).

Perry Norgarb

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