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Flesh Wounds & Glyconutrients

Unsolicited Glyconutrients Testimonial - Lady Experiences Faster Healing Of Flesh Wounds After Taking Glyconutrients

(Please note that this glyconutrients testimonial is unsolicited. When placing her order, this client felt prompted to write about her success with glyconutrients to heal her flesh wounds.

The glyconutrients in question are the South African produced Glyco8 range.

On a personal note, I can say how one's body's ability to heal is directly affected by ones diet. When I was doing military service (as we were all required to do in South Africa way back then) on the border, we saw first had how long flesh wounds or skin lesions took to heal. This was due to the poor quality of the food we consumed - we ate largely a diet consisting of canned food. As a consequence, even the slightest scratch took weeks to heal. (Hmm, maybe glyconutrients should be made standard issue for soldiers and others who have to spend time in the field!)

Hi David,

Please could you send me 7 bottles of Glyco8plus, To Mrs Elaine Xxxxx, Box xx, Faerie Glen, 0043.

During the last month, I twice lifted a triangular flap of skin right down to the flesh, once on my hand and once on my arm. Area about 0.35 square cm. When this has happened in the past (I have very thin, frail skin and sharp edges seem to abound) I have had to cut the flap off after a few days, then a thick scab formed and took 2 to 3 weeks to heal. This time I as usual applied Bactroban and Band Aid for 3 days, and to my surprise, both times the flap had grown back on. No scab, and the one on my hand is already almost invisible. The one on my arm is only a week old and is already perfectly healed and fading. This can only be due to Glyco8plus.

Next week my elbow will be x rayed to see if the bone has knitted. The orthopedic surgeon told me before he operated that my bones are very soft and he was not sure if the screws would hold. 5 Weeks down the line everything seems to be fine and the arm really wants to get out of the sling. I am probably using it more than I should. I believe the bone is fine but will have to wait for the x ray to prove the point.

Thanks for always sending the order so promptly. Efficiency is rare in South Africa in 2008, so it is doubly appreciated.

God bless.


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