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Fibromyalgia Treatment & Glyconutrients:

Success story about using glyconutrients to treat person suffering from depression and fibromyalgia. South Africa.

I have known my sister-in-law for over 13 years. She was easily the most miserable person I have ever met. She was always depressed, withdrawn, never interacting with friends or family.

She was tired all the time lethargic and spent all her spare time either miserably lounging around or in bed sleeping. She would only eat if forced to and when left alone she would starve as she lacked the energy and or will power to get up and make herself something to eat. We tried talking to her about her behaviour but every time it resulted in her lashing out accusing everyone of "picking on her". She would throw tantrums, moan and argue at every opportunity and the conversations always ended with her storming off slamming doors and going to bed. Probably normal behaviour for a child of 15 years but she was a woman of 28 years.

She saw a Homeopath years back and his advice and medication had little or no effect and she was very reluctant to try again. We pushed and pushed and eventually she wore down and agreed to seek the help of her local doctor. She completed a short questionnaire and the doctor diagnosed her with Bi-Polar disorder and prescribed medication. We were all very excited, but the excitement was short lived. The homeopathic medication prescribed had very little or no effect and we were back to square one.

We continued pushing her to see yet another Doctor, this one came highly recommended and was a highly respected doctor in another town. After months of pushing she eventually went to see him and we gave her a written list of symtoms for her to bring to the doctors attention.

She showed him her list: Chronic Fatigue; Chronic Depression; Anger; Anxiety; Withdrawn; Nausia; etc etc. He tested anxiety and depression levels both of which were extremely high, asked her questions and came to the conclusion that she had the highly overlooked condition: Fibromyalgia. He prescribed her some very expensive medication for fibromyalgia treatment which she would need to take over a period of 6 months. Once again we were all very excited and once again it was short lived. She developed a skin rash as a result of the medication and stopped taking it.

We were losing all hope when a friend introduced her to Glyconutrients, he gave her a free bottle to try and see if it helps build up her immune system, she would never speak of her depression to anyone as she didn't think she had a problem but she happened to mention how she was always catching flu. It was nothing short of a miracle, within 2 weeks we could see a major improvement !!

She was smiling, laughing joining in conversations. She had energy was up and about and eating. She felt calm and happy something she thought was impossible. It was wonderful to see she was finally in control, in short she had her life back !! After taking the Glyconutrients for a month she ran out and was unable to get more and was off the Glyconutrients for 2 weeks when her symptoms resurfaced. She started lashing out again, was back in a deep depression and tired. We managed to find a reliable source of Glyconutrients and today she has enjoyed 3 months of happiness, stress free, anxiety free, depression free living !! I would definitely recommend anyone suffering from fibromyalgia and depression to try Glyconutrients as part of their treatment!!

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