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Aging and glyconutrients

Are glyconutrients of any worth as an anti-aging supplement?

"Glyconutrients can help rejuvenate the immune system of aging animals to resemble those of their friskier, younger counterparts."

"Glyconutrients stave off body fat, preserve lean tissue, improve stamina, prevent altitude

sickness, and perk up sexual desire and functioning. These findings serve as compelling evidence that glyconutrients can help slow the aging process, and in some cases reverse it." An extract from the Dr E Mondoa book 'Sugars that Heal'.

We all want to retain our youth and vitality. Growing old is a law of nature but how we age is a choice. We can slow down the degenerative rate at which we age.

Disease gets a great deal of attention while health and nutrition is neglected. There is documented medical evidence that both diet and nutrition can cause and cure a disease. Degenerative diseases such as cancer, arthritis and heart disease are not always related to ageing.

The normal aging process is regulated by apoptosis a pre-programmed life span of our cells. The life span is determined by DNA. We heal and repair ourselves through cell division. With each division a daughter cell with a full set of material is created. Each time the cell divides it shortens; genetic material is lost and thus begins the ticking clock of life. But when all the nutrients are available to the cells apoptosis is reduced.

As we age our immune system weakens and the fight against bacteria, viruses and cancer weaken too. We become more prone to autoimmune diseases. Our muscles, bones and connective tissue degenerate. These physical changes are related to the loss of immune function and therefore the progression of age-related disability.

The glyconutrients on our cells enhance communication which assists with the immune system helping to identify between diseased cells and healthy cells. Glyconutrients can prevent and assist in the treatment of autoimmune disease.
When a joint is traumatized the body creates an inflammation which is an indication of the body healing that area. Plasma and white cells are sent to the rescue. A lack of glyconutrients will reduce the healing rate of injuries.
Stem cells are produced in the bone marrow and travel through out the body repairing damaged tissue.

Glyconutrients can encourage the production of stem cells.
Glyconutrients increase antioxidant production. Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) is a blood enzyme which destroys free radicals in our body. It decreases with age. Certain glyconutrients - particularly cordyceps - have shown to have remarkable ability to increase SOD.
Glyconutrients are important for the production of T-cells and natural killer cells. The natural killer cells are the first line of defense in destroying infected and cancerous cells.

Eeach stage of ageism brings to us new experiences and challenges. it is not just about living longer it is about the quality of life you choose for yourself. Glyconutrients offer an opportunity to heal, enhance and optimize your aging years.
Worrying about ageing is stressful and well, ageing! Don’t buy into age speak such as 'I must be getting old'! Hey, who are you calling 'old?!

Dr E Mondoa 'Sugars that Heal'


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